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Noirette Diary. Today I’ll be taking over Mandy’s lovely blog to share with you my favorite way to achieve a rosy flush on Spring. It’s no surprise that the upcoming season makes us get into a rosy mood. A fresh face is just what I like to wear on a daily basis after months of dark lips and full-face makeup. Although I still use a bunch of products, I like to make everything look as natural as possible, concentrating on my features.

Bioxidea B.B + Blemish Balm
I wear this as an every day base to even out my complexion without looking like I’m wearing makeup. It’s a very lightweight formula that gets absorbed by my skin within minutes. I find that I don’t need to set it with powder and it still lasts throughout the day. 
This is my favorite concealer for under the eyes because it helps with my morning puffiness and brightens up my dark circles. My complexion has been very well-behaved lately so I use a slight amount of this on any other imperfections or scarring. 
Although it sounds like a little too much, I only use this palette for the matte highlighting powders. I like to use the Banana Powder to set the concealer and just a small amount of the Vanilla Powder on the center of my face which is where I tend to get oily. 
That name fits perfectly for a makeup like this. My cheeks tend to get a pinky tone when I naturally flush and this shade is the closest that I get to it. I always like my blush to be matte, if I happen to need highlight (not normally) I would add the one in the ABH Palette. 
I never wear this by itself but it makes the perfect base for my eye makeup, it makes whatever eyeshadow I apply on top have a rosy tint. 
For an every day face, I’m good just with one eyeshadow on my lids, I normally go for Rum Raisin or Bon Bon, blend it out with Nougat on the crease, and Coconut Crème on my brow bone. Simple as that. The fun thing about this palette is that I can wear it on my brows too, I mix a little bit of Truffled and Puddin’ for a very soft look brow definition. 
I’ve started to really love this mascara after totally ditching it when I first got it. I think it’s perfect for a look with light shades on the lids because it really defines the lashes and fills up the spaces between them. 
This whole range of lippies is my favorite, I could wear every single shade any day. This one in particular tights the whole look together and really makes everything look naturally rosy. Besides, it’s so easy to reapply throughout the day. 
I’d love to know how you like to do your daily makeup on this season. If you want to see more from me, don’t forget to follow me on my social media: 
– Instagram: @sihamhamdan
– Snapchat: @sihamhd

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