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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Instagram, so I thought I would write a post detailing everything I do. It all depends on the photo – sometimes I only do a few edits and other times it takes several steps until I’m satisfied with how the picture looks.  With that in mind, here’s what I usually do when editing a photo from Instagram..

A Color Story and get to work editing. First, I’ll go into the “Tools” section, click on “Adjust”, and start messing around with the different settings. My usual go-to is to add some brightness, a little bit of contrast and clarity, and up the sharpness a bit. Again, it will vary with each photo, but those tend to be the things I mess with most. Next, I’ll go into the “Filters” section and add a filter or two to get the crisp, bright white look I love. Some of my favorite filters are Everyday, On Lock, Punch, Breezy, Light, Cup Of Joe, and Gray Day.

A Color Story is a relatively new app that I just started using. Before that, I would use Afterlight and VSCO and could do most of the same things. I just like A Color Story a bit better because it has all of the edits I like to do all in one app (plus it has so many cute filters). A few other photo editing apps I use from time to time are SnapseedLumie, and PicFrame.

And that’s about it! Once I’ve gotten my photo to look how I like, I save it from the app and upload it into Instagram. Oh, and one more thing – people have been asking me how I’ve been getting my background so white lately. The secret is white poster board. You can pick it up at any office supply store or at places like Walmart or Target, and they only cost a few dollars. I use one for most of my Instagram and blog photos, and it works so well to give you a clean, plain background to shoot on.

What apps do you use for your Instagram photos?


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