Getting The Glow Without The Sparkle

Getting The Glow Without The Sparkle | A Girl, ObsessedLaurzrah and was so excited when Mandy asked me if I wanted to chip in a post for her whilst she’s busy moving. One of my favourite things is giving my skin a glow – the glowier the better, really. For the day though, I sometimes like my skin to look naturally illuminated without having too much sparkle or glitter.

I think the best way to achieve a faux-natural glow is to start with your skincare and work up in light layers. I have dry skin so I always tend to use a rich moisturiser, but using something nourishing and then applying the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter all over the face makes the skin look so diffused and soft. The primer is a lovely suit-all champagne shade that really helps smooth over the skin and add lots of light to the face. 
My all-time favourite way to add some glow to your skin is to mix one drop of oil in with your regular foundation of choice. Just one drop to stop things from getting too oily or greasy though – one drop adds just the right amount of luminosity and helps to make your foundation apply really smoothly. My favourite oil for mixing is the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate because it’s quite light and easily-absorbed. I like to just mix the foundation with the drop of oil on the back of my hand and then apply to my face. After my base is all applied, I love using a spray to set things into place – my favourite is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Of course, you can always add highlighter when you want to give the skin a polished look. I love lots of stronger highlighters (theBalm and MAC), but when I want my skin to look a bit more natural I tend to go for a cream highlighter because I find it blends into the skin much easier. The creamier texture almost melts into the skin and looks a lot more natural because it mimics light hitting the skin without looking too stark. My favourite powder highlighter that looks natural is the Hourglass Ambient Light Strobe Powder in Iridescent Light.

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