Beauty Tools For Every Girl

Beauty Tools For Every Girl | A Girl, Obsessed
Razors ($5) – I got into the habit of using these little guys after receiving in-house peels and ever since I love the way my skin feels with it being free of any little hairs. These mini razors are great at eliminating any peach fuzz and if you enjoy the time spent applying your makeup, I think you will end up adoring applying your make up to fuzz free skin!
(Fair warning – these cut through eyebrow hairs as easily as they do “barely there” hair, so be extra careful if you are anywhere near those beautiful brows.)
Spongelle Pedi Buffer ($16) – Every girl needs a good exfoliator for the shower and while I used to swear by homemade sugar scrubs, Spongelle natural body scrubs cannot be beat. And their Pedi Buffer has become an absolute favorite of mine. One side is made for exfoliating any dry skin, while the other is perfect for buffing and smoothing out my feet. It’s probably the one beauty product every girl can agree on with sandal weather coming our way.
Their body buffers are also my favorite as they completely revive any dry flakey skin I might have and combine the experience of a bath with the convenience of a shower.
Essie Nails Drying oil ($15) – Let’s all admit that a fresh coat of polish can change even the worst of moods! But waiting for polish to dry is one of my least favorite things in the beauty world. These drying drops, however, cut my wait time in half and create a gorgeous top coat shine. I can’t stop gushing about it and consider it my secret weapon for pretty (fast) nails.
High End Eyelash Curler ($17) – I think there are places in the beauty world where we can always find ways to save, yet one spot I swear everyone should splurge is on eyelash curlers. I used to hate curling my lashes since I always managed to pinch my lids and ever since I splurged on a multi-colored curler from Tarte… I’ve never been happier.
The design alone makes it worthy to sit out on top of my vanity, yet it’s quality and pinch free use has made it my go-to every morning.
Beauty Blender ($12) – Some form of these are most likely in every makeup lovers bag, though I personally swear by the premium triangle ones found at drugstores. To me, the tiny corner from the triangle gives me the ultimate control when I’m smoothing out my foundation and it reaches even the smallest of crevices. 
Either way beauty blenders are the perfect option for applying a full coverage or light as air liquid foundation and something we all should stash in our makeup bags.
Nail Healer ($15) – With every new polish or manicure my nails go through, I cringe a bit knowing that they suffer each time. So I was more than happy to come across a BB cream… for my nails. This Orly polish creates a peachy shine to give a natural, yet polished look on nails. And call me crazy, but I swear my nail strength bounces back in no time now that I use this between manicures.
Tools are an easy area to overlook in the beauty world. They are hardly as stunning as rose gold compacts or new lipsticks, but they are something we depend on to help us show off how truly stunning our new makeup is.
What beauty tool do your swear by?
xo Kelsey

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