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50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

It’s become a bit of a regular thing for me to share blog post ideas for different types of bloggers and occasions. Today, I thought I would expand on my last lifestyle post ideas roundup¬†with 50 more topic prompts to help you create new, exciting content for your blogs.

50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your current workout routine or favorite exercises
  2. Healthy recipes that you make often
  3. Your favorite places to shop for __________
  4. Tips for working/blogging/doing something efficiently
  5. Home/apartment/dorm room tours
  6. A behind-the-scenes look at what you do for a living
  7. Share a hobby no one knows you have
  8. What are your must have tools/items for work?
  9. What 5 items do you suggest everyone carries in their work or school bag?
  10. What advice would you give someone in your field?
  11. What advice would you give 20-somethings today?
  12. Share some mistakes you’ve made in life that you’re actually thankful for because they’ve shaped you into the person you are today
  13. Put together an inspiration board (could be for anything – work, a home decor project, your wardrobe, etc.) and share what each thing means to you
  14. Create a guide of must-watch movies/shows on Netflix or Hulu
  15. Try a popular recipe or DIY from Pinterest, and share the results
  16. Talk about your biggest accomplishment in life so far and how you achieved it
  17. Update an old family recipe to give it a new, modern twist
  18. Write about that one topic you’ve been nervous to share. You know what I’m talking about.
  19. Create a wish list for something you’re passionate about (home decor, accessories, school supplies, etc.)
  20. Create a playlist of the music you listen to while you’re blogging or working out
  21. Share a story from the last time you traveled
  22. Share some of your favorite reads, or books you think everyone should read at least once in their life
  23. What are your goals in blogging, fitness, or just for the year?
  24. Doing something fun this weekend? Share it!
  25. Create a roundup of your favorite quotes or inspiring words to live by
  26. Create a “10 Things…” post
  27. Share the details of one of your routines
  28. Share some current inspirations
  29. How do you use your favorite social media platforms efficiently?
  30. Which apps are on your phone?
  31. What are some pieces of advice you wish you hadn’t listened to?
  32. Share your most used photography tips and tricks
  33. Show what camera equipment you use
  34. What are you everyday style staples?
  35. Share something you collect, and how that collection came about
  36. If you use a journal or a planner, share how you use it to work best for you
  37. Interview someone you look up to or a person who has had a huge impact on your life
  38. What are your favorite quick meal and snack ideas?
  39. Share your must haves for a day when you want to relax and unplug from everything
  40. Write up a feature on your pet – if you don’t have one, it could be about a pet you wish you had
  41. Create a fun guide to your city – all of the best places to eat, shop at, and experience
  42. Share a recent shopping haul
  43. A list of things that make you happy (or ways to be happy)
  44. Life hacks that actually work
  45. Products you couldn’t live without
  46. Share a DIY you’ve recently tried or one you’d like to do
  47. Roundup your favorite people to follow on different social media outlets
  48. Create a regular feature, like a monthly playlist, recommended books to read, or fitness challenge
  49. Share your style/beauty/life inspirations
  50. Share some new things you’d like to learn, and then write follow-up posts updating your progress and experiences

Have you been looking for content ideas lately?



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