5 Ways To Make This The Year You Achieve Your Goals

5 Ways To Make This The Year You Achieve Your Goals | A Girl, Obsessed

It’s around this time of the year that I start to look back over my New Year’s resolutions and try to refocus. We’re already 3 months into 2016, and it can be easy to get side-tracked during the warmer months (what with traveling and vacations coming up). I think it’s important to regularly re-evaluate where we’re at in regards to our goals for the year – here are the 5 ways I like to make sure I achieve them.


Sometimes the goals we set for ourselves can seem extremely daunting, especially if they require a huge life change. My tip for staying on track is to break up big goals into small steps that are easy to achieve. This way you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed, plus you’ll be more motivated because you’ll be crossing off little goals instead of having to wait forever to reach one big goal.


This is something that totally changed my life last year. I used to be the type of person who just kind of “went with the flow” and waited for things to happen. Last year, I started becoming very intentional with everything I did in life, and I’ve noticed a huge change. Now when I set goals, I no longer sit back and wait for things to happen – I change my actions and behaviors so that I see results and can live the kind of life I’ve dreamed of.


Organization is one of those things that I think you’re either really good at or you hate it. When I was in my early twenties, nothing I did was organized and the result was a messy life with no direction. Over the years, I’ve realized the importance of a little organization – everything in my life is not neat and labeled, but I do work at keeping things written down and scheduled so I know where I’m at with work and what deadlines I have coming up. Find a system that works for you and then stick to it. I promise you will see positive results and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Some people don’t like to hear it, but achieving your goals really does take a lot of hard work. There’s no overnight trick that will help you drop 20 pounds or make enough money to retire early and move to somewhere tropical. Once you’ve broken down your goals into small steps, get to work! The harder you work, the closer you are to achieving your goals and enjoying the blissful feeling of success. You may have some long days and late nights ahead, but it will all be worth it in the end.


It’s important, with all of this hard work and focus, to celebrate when you reach victories. Not only is this good for morale, but it will also help keep you motivated to continue working and pushing forward. Even if it’s just because you got a salad for lunch instead of that bacon cheeseburger, make sure you celebrate because that’s a big deal. Make sure you’re regularly expressing gratitude to yourself and your actions, and don’t forget to treat yourself to something nice every now and then. You’re working really hard. You deserve it.

How are you doing with your goals for this year?


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