5 Beauty Products Worth The Splurge

5 Beauty Products Worth The Splurge | A Girl, ObsessedThe Late Latte. As a long time reader of Mandy’s blog, I’m super excited to be guest posting here today and sharing with you some of my favourite high-end beauty purchases.

Let’s start with my absolute favourite out of the bunch – Nars Sheer Glow. Honestly, I can rave on and on about this one – people at Nars really knew what they were doing, when they created this glorious base. This foundation offers a light to medium coverage with a glowy, skin-like finish, which seems to last for ages. The lightweight texture melts into the skin, immediately evening out the skin tone and creating the perfect canvas for any products that will follow.
Next up is the newest addition to my beauty stash in the form of MAC’s highlighter in Lightscapade. It looks absolutely stunning in the pan, but the real magic happens when it hits the skin. Think soft, ethereal glow – a “lit from within” kind of look. To achieve the illusion of naturally glowy skin, I like to go over it with a damp BeautyBlender, as it helps the powder highlighter really mesh with the foundation. 
Keeping with the MAC theme, my next pick is MAC’s Paint Pot in Groundwork. A “my lids but better” shade (is that a thing?), this warm-toned shadow adds some extra depth and definition while looking incredibly natural. This one has become my go-to pick on low-key makeup days or when I simply have no clue what to throw on. 
Nars blushes have been making rounds in the beauty community for absolute ages, so I was very curious to see what all the fuss was about. Pigmented and long-lasting, these blushes have an unparalleled buttery texture, which makes the whole application process incredibly easy. I have the shade Sin – a cool-toned plum shade with gold shimmer, which immediately livens up the complexion with both colour and sheen.
Lastly, there are Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipsticks, which have the best liquid lipstick formulation I’ve tried so far. While I wouldn’t call them particularly moisturizing, they’re nowhere as drying as other ones I’ve tried in the past. Non-cracking, non-peeling and somewhat comfortable, these lipsticks last for several hours without the need for touching up. The shade pictured above – Patina – is a darkened dusty rose, which has fast become my favourite for a quick and fuss-free pop of colour.

What are your splurge-worthy beauty picks?

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