10 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

10 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog | A Girl, Obsessed

“Why is no one reading my blog?” – it’s a question I hear a lot in the blogging community, and often get asked. Since this is something I’m pretty sure every blogger has wondered at one time or another, I thought I would answer this question with a post. There are actually several different reasons why people might not be checking out your blog, and I wanted to share them today as well as how you can fix those mistakes so that you can start gaining more readers.


  1. You’re not posting enough. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of successful blogs that don’t share new content every single day. You don’t have to write posts daily without fail in order to have a thriving blog. What I’m talking about is if your blogging schedule is all over the place and you’re only posting new content once every month or two. Readers want consistency and to know when to expect posts for you. Do your best to stick to some form of a posting schedule, even if you’re only updating once a week.
  2. Nobody knows about your blog. You might have a gorgeous blog with killer content, but do people even know you’re there? Creating a blog doesn’t mean people will automatically start visiting you. You’ve got to get out there and work for it! Start by leaving comments on your favorite blogs and other blogs that are similar to yours. Make sure they’re genuine comments, and don’t forget to include a little link back to your blog so people can check you out. Also, make sure a link to your blog is present on all of your social media accounts and email signatures.
  3. Your content isn’t engaging enough. One key element of great content is that it’s engaging, interesting, and fun to read. When writing, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Readers will be able to tell if you’re passionate about the content you’re sharing, and if they can sense that you’re bored and withdrawn, they’re not likely to come back.
  4. Your blog lacks focus. Blogs that lack focus tend to be all over the place in terms of design, content, and voice. This can be a huge turnoff for potential readers, since they really can’t tell what to expect from your blog. Narrowing down what type of blog you are, what kinds of content you’ll share, and the overall “feel” your blog gives is incredibly important. The stronger your focus, the quicker you’ll be able to gain loyal readers.
  5. Your design is all over the place. This ties in with my last point, but has more to do with design. Have you ever visited a blog that had all kinds of popups, clashing colors, busy sidebars, and messy text? Have you ever gone back to their site? Most likely, the answer to that second question is no. Blogs can look beautiful in all different styles and designs – the key is to have a focused branding that is cohesive and user-friendly. When designing your blog (or picking out a premed layout online), I always suggest you choose a few colors that compliment each other, a font or two that work well together, and get rid of any clutter from your sidebar(s). 
  6. You’re not using social media. Social media is a huge resource for driving traffic to a blog (especially a new one), and you’re definitely missing out if you’re not using it. Going back to my point about no one knowing about your blog – social media gives you a platform to share your work with others and get your name out there, which will hopefully get them interested in becoming regular readers. 
  7. The content you’re sharing isn’t beneficial to potential readers. If every post you share on your blog is just a roundup of instagram pictures and what your pets have been up to, you’re probably going to have a much harder time building a readership. People want to read posts that are beneficial in some way, whether they are helpful, entertaining, or just inspiring. While a puppy photo roundup is fine every now and then, try to regularly create content that will benefit readers. If they see that the content you’re sharing is extremely meaningful to them, they’re going to keep coming back for more.
  8. It’s hard to connect with you through your posts. Readers want to feel a connection with the blogger behind the posts. They want to feel like they’re reading something a friend has written, so being personable and friendly is extremely important. Like I mentioned before, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. I know for some, it can feel a little awkward at first. It’s so fulfilling to just put yourself out there unapologetically though, and I promise you will make some amazing friends if you do.
  9. You’re not taking advantage of SEO. This is one that I think a lot of bloggers miss out on, and it’s because SEO is such an overwhelming topic. Doing a little research as to what bloggers can do to improve their site’s SEO is extremely beneficial though, as it help you show up better in search results (which, in turn, will get you more traffic and readers). Simple things like writing descriptive, interesting post titles and filling out the “Search Description” section of each blog post are both great places to get started.
  10. You’re constantly trying to sell something. This one mostly goes out to the people who sell handmade or digital products. Creating a blog to help promote your business is a fantastic idea, but if the only things you’re posting about are links to your products and promotional announcements asking people to buy you’re products, you’re not going to see much of a readership. People don’t want to constantly be bombarded with “buy from me!” posts. Instead, try sharing behind-the-scenes looks into your business, what inspires you, and the backstory of how you create what you do. Sprinkled in between these posts, you can share the occasional product mention or sale announcement, but this way readers are getting value from reading your blog rather than just being sold to.

Have you ever felt like no one was reading your blog? How did you change that?


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