Meet The Advertisers #8

What Is Perfection is the blog for the imperfect girl everywhere. It’s written by Lauren Cijoffi, and her mission is simple: to share all of the lessons about living a happy life that took her years to learn on her own. Lauren shares self-improvement tips, beauty practices, and healthy habits for feeling confident and amazing every single day.
Where to find Lauren: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Francesca Holly is a new beauty blogger to the community. She shares product reviews, as well as her thoughts on some of her favorite beauty products. Go send her some love, and welcome her to the blogging world!
The post to check out: Drugstore Must Haves
Where to find Francesca: Instagram, Twitter
Noirette Diary is a beauty and lifestyle blog written by 24-year-old Mexican graphic designer and beauty enthusiast Siham. She shares amazing makeup tutorials, as well as product recommendations and reviews.
The post to check out: When You Need A Quick Look
Where to find Siham: Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest
Mae Polzine is a blog focused on beauty, fashion, life, travel, and food. Mae created the blog back in February 2015 as a creative outlet from her career as a Clinical Application Engineer. She shares all kinds of interesting posts, like beauty reviews, places around her city, and outfit ideas.
Where to find Mae: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter
The Sunday Mode is a place where savvy readers who share an affinity for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle can unite – throw a bit of travel in there as well because why not? From her humble abode in Melbourne (Australia), Julia started this blog as a way to share anything and everything she loves with like-minded people from across the globe.
The post to check out: 5 Reasons To Buy A Trench Coat
Where to find Julia: Instagram, Twitter
Blushingkay is a blog written by Khaira Khan, a 20-something-year-old girl, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Blushingkay is a creative outlet for her to express and document her love (my long-distance relationship), inspirations, make-ups, film photography, coffee, personal style, food and life adventures and lifestyle. She hopes to inspire people with her daily posts.
Where to find Khaira: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Desire And Attire is a beauty, life, and style blog written by Desiree, a freelance hair and makeup artist living in Connecticut. Desiree gives tips and tricks abutter biggest passions, including beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics.
Where to find Desiree: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
I want to say a super huge thank you!!! to my sponsors – your support means so much to me. Everyone please take a few moments to check each of them out, and send them lots of love. If you’re interested in advertising your blog or brand on AGO, click here for information + pricing.

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