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Blogging Without Boundaries

what it means to be a submissive, and found it fascinating. Posts like these that are open, honest, and vulnerable are what I love about this community. I want to be able to meet and connect with all kinds of people through blogging, but when we’re all writing about the same five things, it can be hard to distinguish individual personalities from the sea of posts.

Blogging without boundaries or judgment is something I want to see us all embrace more and more. We should feel the freedom to write about whatever our interests are without fear of judgement, whether it be sex, body positivity, feminism, equality, religion, personal opinions, etc. As long as what you’re writing is not hateful or abusive towards a specific person or group of people, then there should be nothing that stops you from sharing about your passions, interests, and what you feel would make a great post.

I’ve been noticing a shift in what people are sharing on their blogs, and how topics that used to be too “taboo” to post about are now being written and receiving very positive feedback. Having seen how open the community is becoming, it’s given me the courage to write a post about a topic that is very private and sensitive to me – my lifelong battle with panic disorder. This is something I’ve been thinking about fully sharing for a long time, but mental health always seemed like one of those topics that no one talked about. I’ve got the post planned to go up in the next week or two, and I’m actually excited about sharing my story.

Is there a topic you’ve ever wanted to share on your blog but you felt you couldn’t?


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