27 Things To Be Happy About

27 Things To Be Happy About | A Girl, Obsessed

Life kicks our butts sometimes, and it can be difficult to find small moments of happiness. I try to live as positively as possible, but it can even happen to me. What I’ve found to be most helpful is to make lists of the things that make me happy/things that I’m grateful for. I suggest trying this the next time you’re feeling down, and here are a few things to help get your list started…

  • Playing or snuggling with your pets
  • The scent of rain right before it falls
  • The fact that today you are alive and breathing, and have the chance to make a positive change in the world or in someone’s life
  • Friends and/or family members that truly love you and wish the best for your life
  • Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets and new pajamas
  • Those mornings when you wake up earlier than your alarm and still have a couple hours to sleep
  • Trying something new and finding out you absolutely love it
  • A finished to-do list
  • Finding a $10 bill in an old coat pocket
  • Wrapping up in blankets on a chilly day and just giving yourself a few minutes to truly relax
  • That feeling when you fall in love with something (or someone)
  • The passing of the seasons and new holidays approaching
  • Feeling truly inspired with your work or craft
  • Waking up early and getting to enjoy the sunrise and a peaceful morning
  • Clicking with a person you’ve just met and knowing that the two of you will be long time friends
  • Feeling included in a social setting
  • Getting through a stressful time without losing your head or freaking out
  • Having a good cry when you have too many emotions bottled up and need a release
  • That light feeling you get when you’ve decided to just let something go (for good)
  • The smell of something delicious baking
  • The high you get after a killer workout
  • Dancing with friends and not caring what you look like
  • A brand new notebook (don’t forget to sniff the pages!)
  • Getting dressed up and feeling glamorous
  • Having a job that you truly love
  • Feeling like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be
  • Getting caught up in the magic of old movies

What things are you happy about?


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