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10 Tips For Flat Lay Photography

10 Tips For Flat Lay Photography | A Girl, Obsessed

Creating the “perfect” flat lay photo can take a little bit of practice and effort, but if you apply these 10 tips, it should quickly become a breeze.

  1. Get as close to a natural light source as possible for minimal shadows (if you’re photographing outside, try to find a place in some shade).
  2. Use different fabrics and papers to add texture to your photos.
  3. Try arranging the objects in your photos several different ways until you find an arrangement that you like.
  4. Use a steady hand! For this, I like to hold my breath so I can be as still as possible while shooting (just remember to give yourself little breaks to catch your breath so you don’t pass out, haha).
  5. Set up your photo on the floor or use a chair to get the right amount of height above what you’ll be shooting.
  6. Use things like double-sided tape or Blu Tack to keep items from rolling around. (Sometimes I’ll even balance lipsticks on a bobby pin so they stop moving.)
  7. Have fun with props! Try adding little things here and there to give your photo a bit more personality. (Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be sharing a post about props for blog photography in the near future!)
  8. Don’t be afraid of white space. Give the objects in your photo some room to breathe so they’re not all crammed in together and looking messy. I especially love when items are a little off-center rather than being focused in the middle of the shot.
  9. Try to create a good balance of big/bright/busy items with small/muted/simple things.
  10. Use a simple, plain background to help make the objects your photographing really stand out. White foam board is my favorite – it’s super affordable and available almost anywhere.

Are you a fan of the flat lay aesthetic?


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