Winter Essie Picks

Winter Essie Picks | A Girl, Obsessed

Here are my favorite Essie nail polishes for winter..

  • Bikini So Teeny – This is typically a summer shade, but I really love pale blue for winter because it reminds me of early morning snow.
  • Ballet Slippers – I recently discovered this milky pink (you can see a photo of it on my nails here), and it’s become my new favorite. Yep, it even beat out In The Lobby.
  • Chinchilly – This is pretty much the grey-toned brother of Merino Cool. I like this one a bit more for winter because it just looks “colder” (if that even makes sense).
  • Dress To Kilt – The perfect deep blood red.
  • After School Boy Blazer – I wear a lot of dark plums and wines during the fall, so for winter I like to switch to dark blues. This one is so dark, it almost looks black in some lighting.
  • Apricot Cuticle Oil – This isn’t a nail polish (obviously), but with how dry my nails + cuticles get in winter, I definitely need a nourishing treatment and this is one I highly recommend. It barely takes any oil to hydrate your cuticles, plus it smells heavenly.

Which nail polishes are your favorite for winter?


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