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personal goals post, but I really want to make this a year of learning and trying new things – here are some of the hobbies I’d like to tackle..


I’ve always had a love for the way watercolors look. After talking with a friend on how she got started painting, I’m looking forward to giving it a shot and making some artwork for my bedroom. I’m currently looking up tutorials on how to do floral watercolors and simple patterns – if you guys have any tips or advice, definitely let me know! 🙂


In December, I started learning the very basics of knitting – aka, I can cast on, knit, and pearl. That’s about it, haha. So, this year I would like to try learning some more intricate knitting stitches, as well as how to read patterns. My goal is to make myself a cute cable-knit hat and scarf by next fall.


I want to preface this by saying, yes, I do know how to cook basic things. I’d really like to try more intricate recipes and meals this year though. After watching Kate’s Vlogmas videos, I was super inspired to start cooking more and try out some new cookbooks. I’ve got my eye on Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver and The Kinfolk Table – let me know what cookbooks you recommend!


This year, I want to work on further improving my photography and really creating a look that’s all my own. There’s only so many ways you can photograph makeup products as a beauty blogger, but I really want to work at trying new looks and coming up with something unique to my photos. I just upgraded to a Canon 70D, so I’m excited to experiment with it and see what I can come up with.

Do you have anything new you want to learn this year?


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