My Birthday Wish List

wrote a book. She’s been killing it lately in the fitness department and I really want to read about what she’s been doing to get healthy and find body positivity. The next book on my list is Garance Doré’s Love Style Life. I love reading books like these – I always find them to be so inspirational, and seeing as how I’ve already rushed through Alexa Chung’s It, I’m definitely in need of a similar read. The last book is The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal. I’ve never been good at keeping a traditional diary, so prompts like this are right up my alley.

In terms of beauty, I’m completely obsessed with Lush at the moment (aka expect a Lush haul from the end-of-the-year sale in the next week or two). I’d love a gift card so I can pick out a few more goodies, like another Unicorn Horn bubble bar (so glad they brought these back for Valentine’s Day!) and a container of the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask. This sounds like it could be the product that rescues my face from always looking so red and splotchy. I’d also love to finally have a bottle of Pai’s Rosehip Oil. I’ve heard some fantastic things about it, and apparently rosehip oil helps with balancing out your skin tone so I’m interested in seeing how well it works.
Lastly, just a couple lifestyle goodies. I really love Saltwater Sandals and think this tan pair is so cute. I have a red pair that I bought a few years ago, but they don’t fit very well and the color just isn’t my style anymore. I could see myself living in these tan ones all summer long. The final item on my wish list is one of the Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropologie (in the letter “M”, of course). I feel like I’m not a proper blogger until I have one of these, haha. 😉
Who else shares a January birthday with me?

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