H&M Home Wish List

H&M Home Decor Wish List | A Girl, Obsessedthis chunky blanket and this cute pillowcase are exactly what I have in mind for my bed.

I’m big on having cute decor that also acts as storage, and this gold metallic pineapple jar is probably the cutest I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it’d look better in the living room or the kitchen, but I really must have it. I’m also loving how cute this little copper box looks, and this gold glass box as well. Small lidded boxes like these make such good storage for jewelry, nail polishes, or small pictures.
In my bedroom or bathroom, I’m planning on setting up a little vanity area for my makeup and beauty products. I really love this copper wire basket and think it would be perfect to hold my current lineup of haircare or skincare products. Then, I thought it would look cool if I got this bell-shaped glass cover and placed it over my perfumes, just for something a little different (although it would also be perfect placed over a succulent in the living room). I’ve also got my eye on this little gold leaf dish and think it would make the perfect place to keep my everyday jewelry.
And of course, there are a few candles on this wish list. I’m a bit candle-obsessed, and H&M has some absolute gorgeous ones. This peony-scented candle is so pretty – I think it would be a gorgeous scent for the spring (yup, I’m already wishing for winter to be over), and look at that mint marble holder! Be still my heart. I’m also crushing on this candle, which has no scent but would be a great decorative piece….and would also look cute in blog photos. My priorities, y’all.
Which of these pieces is your favorite?

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