Getting Back Into Fitness

<img src=" Walk 1-2 miles a few times a week versus run a mile every day

  • Try a new workout series on Youtube – I’m thinking either Blogilates or Yoga With Adrienne
  • Commit to a 5K, and purchase my ticket so there is no backing out or excuses
  • Train for said 5K
  • Take my dogs out for walks or just head to the backyard to play ball with them more
  • Try a fun fitness app (any suggestions?)
  • Starting this Spring, head to the local parks to play tennis and take walk (and play on the swings, of course)
  • Use the reminder on my watch to get up once every hour, either for a light stretch or to do something physical like jumping jacks or a round up and down the stairs
  • How do you fit fitness into your daily life?


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