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17 Ways To Get People To Come Back To Your Blog

17 Ways To Get People To Come Back To Your Blog | A Girl, Obsessed

One of the questions I’m most often asked is “how do I get people to come back to my blog?”. This is a big question if you’re trying to grow your audience, especially if you’re looking to make blogging a full time, pay-the-bills sort of thing. Luckily, there are several different ways you can garner that second visit, and become someone’s new favorite read (all with hard work and patience, of course).


  1. Share content that benefits your readers in some way
  2. Be friendly, polite, cheerful, and relatable
  3. Write content that can’t be found anywhere else (this can be hard to do, but try to write about things in a completely new way)
  4. Write a series with several different parts so that people are more likely to come back to keep reading
  5. Make sure the way to follow/subscribe to your blog is visible and near the top of your blog – if someone subscribes, they’re more likely to come back because they’ll be getting notifications about your posts
  6. Choose or design a blog layout that is pleasing to the eye and in line with the styles that your target audience prefers
  7. Take blog photos that are beautiful and well-styled (when doing this, try to think of what types of photos catch your eye when reading blogs or browsing Pinterest)
  8. Be available to your readers, and let them know that a real person is behind your blog (you can do this several ways, like being active in the comments or on social media)
  9. Stick to a regular posting schedule, whether it be once a day or once a month, so that people know when to expect new content
  10. Give away things for free – some ideas could be wallpapers, downloadable content, spreadsheets, free webinars, etc, or you could even do a giveaway (but I wouldn’t rely heavily on giveaways because it’ll be pretty obvious that you’re only doing them like crazy to get new followers)
  11. Be a reliable source for valuable information
  12. Be unique and showcase what makes you stand out from other blogs
  13. Write your posts in a way that is entertaining and easy to read
  14. Have a focused and streamlined brand/style
  15. Create a sense of community on your blog so that readers feel that they’re a part of something
  16. Be genuine in what you do, and only blog about what really matters to you (aka don’t feel pressured to write about something just because it’s “popular” at the moment)
  17. Don’t be afraid to be real and honest on your blog – people will be able to connect to you and your content better when they feel like you’re a friend rather than a stranger

What do you do to get people to become regular readers?


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