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November 2015 Beauty Favorites

Soap & Glory’s Hand Food, and just in time too. My hands have been feeling horribly dry lately. This is one of my favorite hand creams of all time because it does such a wonderful job of moisturizing without leaving my hands feeling greasy or slippery at all.

For my face, I’ve added a fair amount of new products to my routine to help combat annoying dry skin flair ups. The Bliss That’s Incredi-‘peel’! Wipes* have been working wonders at eating away at the dead layers of skin. Paired with a good face scrub, it’s made my skin look so bright and healthy. Another skincare favorite for the month, which I love using after giving my face a good scrub, is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*. It’s the perfect little calming treat for my skin after getting rid of all of the dead skin, and it helps add back any moisture that the wipe might’ve taken away. Also, it smells heavenly.

I’ve been trying a new eye cream out and I’m really loving it. The Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream* has been such a fresh addition to my routine, and it pairs really well with the rose facial mist. The area around my eyes doesn’t usually get dry, but I’ve noticed it has started to this year (hopefully not a sign of aging…waahhh). I started using this to keep my eye area hydrated, as well as help with fine lines and dark circles. I’m really happy with how well it’s been treating the skin around my eyes – it’s very moisturizing and I have noticed that the skin looks a bit brighter and less dull.

If you read my last Makeup Edit post, you know that I finally picked up a bottle of the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, and it’s all I’ve been using lately. I’m not quite ready to let go of my sheer, lightweight foundations for more full coverage options. This has been the perfect foundation to even out my skin tone without being heavy or cakey. I’ve also been going a bit sheer with my lip colors, which is why I’ve been wearing Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Fatal Apple*. This is a gorgeous sheer cherry red, and I find that it helps give the perfect “frostbitten” look to your lips (which I just adore for this season).

Which products made it to your favorites list for November?


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