Meet The Advertisers #7

The Sunday Mode is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog written by Australian blogger, Julia. TSM is a blog after my own heart – Julia and I have very similar tastes in makeup and fashion, and I always love reading her thoughts on different products. One post in particular that I loved is Cult Beauty Products Worth The Hype. It was extremely helpful to read her thoughts, and now I really want to dish out the money for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. Find Juila over on Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin’.

Blushingkay is a lifestyle and beauty blog written by Khaira, a twenty-something blogger from Malaysia. Khaira shares reviews and roundups of her favorite products and helpful lifestyle posts (like 5 Things I Do In A Long Haul Flight – such a great read for a nervous flier like myself), as well as documenting her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Don. Find Khaira over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Oh Lovely Rose is a personal lifestyle blog written by Lauren Michelle, a 20-year-old super sweet gal who loves roses and all things lovely. Lauren has a great eye for style and everything she creates is so incredibly cute. Not only did she put together some adorable gift guides for Christmas, but she also wrote a hilariously truthful account of what you’ll experience trying out Tinder. Find Lauren over on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Noirette Diary is a beauty blog written by my good friend Siham, a 24-year-old graphic designer and beauty enthusiast. This girl is incredibly talented – her blog photos are beautiful and so well-styled, and she shares the prettiest makeup looks/tutorials ever. My favorite look that she recently shared is Rosy and Gold. This is the type of look that I like to wear most days, especially that lip color. Find Siham over on Bloglovin’, Instagram, and Pinterest.
I want to say a super huge thank you!!! to my sponsors – your support means so much to me. Everyone please take a few moments to check each of them out, and send them lots of love. If you’re interested in advertising your blog or brand on AGO, I’m having a little ad sale right now. Use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 35% off all ads, now through January 1st. Click here for information + pricing.

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