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Ways To Combat Seasonal Blues

HappyLight (a huge thank you to Rebecca for telling me about these types of lights)

  • Spend some quiet time meditating and studying the bible
  • Watch something hilarious (I’ve been loving Vine compilation videos on Youtube lately, as well as anything by GassyMexican and episodes of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix)
  • Have a good heart-to-heart with a loved one or close friend
  • Clean/organize anything and everything
  • Remember what you’re truly grateful for
  • Make your before-bed routine a true treat, full of pampering and relaxing, so that you actually look forward to nighttime instead of dreading it
  • If you have a pet like a dog or cat, spend some time giving them snuggles and playing with them
  • Exercise – even if it’s something light like some housework or a walk around your neighborhood
  • Start practicing a hobby that makes you happy (planning is my new obsession – decorating my planner every Sunday for the coming week is so therapeutic and relaxing)
  • Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder? What do you do to stay in a happy mood?


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