Meet The Advertisers #6

Meet The Advertisers #6 | A Girl, ObsessedBeckie Eschle – Beckie’s lifestyle blog is all about beauty, books, and travel. She also shares a lot about obtaining a positive state of mental health, which I can really relate to. Her post on “A strange way to calm down a disorganized mind” was absolutely wonderful, and something I was thrilled to read. I’ve been watching ASMR videos for around 5 years, and it’s so cool to find others that experience this phenomenon as well. You can find Beckie over on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Nothin’ Fancy. Really. – NFR is a beauty blog written by 20-something Živa from Slovenia. She has such a gorgeous blog, full of beautiful photography and really great product reviews. I especially liked her thoughts on these products from L’Occitane – I’m a huge fan of the brand. You can find Živa over on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Viva la Nicky – Nichole is a gorgeous beauty and lifestyle blogger based in New York. She shares posts on beauty products she’s loving, as well as bits from her personal life. She’s super spunky and adorable – I really loved her post about what’s she’s learned from blogging. It was an honest and refreshing read, and something I think all bloggers should share. You can find Nichole over on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.
Hashtag Fab Life – HFB is a beauty and style blog written by Natalie, a dancer and choreographer from North Carolina. Her outfit posts are some of my favorite (this girl has amazing style!), and I particularly loved her most recent look entitled “Feyonce” – I seriously need to remember to get this shirt whenever I get engaged. You can find Natalie over on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Helene In Between – Helene is a blogger that shares all kinds of tips and advice on every aspect of blogging – if you have a question, I’m pretty sure this girl can answer it. I always love seeing what Helene has to post next, and really appreciate her helpful posts – 10 Things Every Successful Blog Needs is a great read for all bloggers. You can find Helene over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I want to say a super huge thank you!!! to my sponsors – your support means so much to me. Everyone please take a few moments to check each of them out, and send them lots of love. If you’re interested in advertising your blog or brand on AGO, I’m having a little ad sale right now. Use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 35% off all ads, now through January 1st. Click here for information + pricing.

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