Dark Lip Essentials

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and the Popcorn Lip Scrub from LUSH – both are definite favorites of mine.

Lip Balm

After scrubbing off any dead skin, I think dabbing on a super light layer of lip balm is really important. Hydrated lips make for a smoother base to apply your products, and lips are tricky enough to perfectly fill in without the added stress of dryness. The lip balms I usually go for are either the EOS Smooth Stick in Vanilla Bean or Nivea’s A Kiss of Milk & Honey Balm (both smell so lovely for the season).

Lip Liner

To start a dark lip, I always use a lip liner first. I carefully outline my lips and then fill them in using a liner that closely matches the lipstick shade I’m going with. I really enjoy the lip liners from MAC and NYX – both create a really good base for the lipstick to adhere to, without making my lips dry or cracked.


And finally – lipstick. This really is the most important part of the whole look. If you don’t have a good lipstick, what’s the pint? My favorite brand for lipstick is definitely MAC, and they have some gorgeous darker shades to choose from (Rebel is currently on my wish list). For a cheaper drugstore option, I’m a fan of the darker shades from Maybelline’s The Buffs collection. Since they’re darker neutrals, they’re still really wearable for during the day.

Are you a fan of dark lip season?


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