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IT Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipsticks

IT Cosmetics. They are quickly becoming one of my top brands for 2015, and I couldn’t wait to try out their new collection of lip colors called Blurred Lines*. The whole concept behind this product is that they’re supposed to blur your lip lines, making your lips looking smoother and fuller. I wasted no time testing them out to see how well they worked.

IT Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipsticks (Review + Swatches) | A Girl, Obsessed

Right off the bat, I fell in love with the color payoff from these lipsticks. All of the shades are very wearable, everyday colors, and I have finally found a bold red lipstick that doesn’t have blue undertones. I also love that some of the colors were sheer, like a tinted lip balm. Not only were they super hydrating, but they ended up being my favorites from the group.

Now, as far as blurring my lip lines, I’m sure you can tell from the above photos that they kind of missed the mark there. I was still able to see the lines of my lips after applying each color, but honestly, I’ve never had a problem with them in the past and don’t really think it’s a big deal if you can see them or not. What I want from a lipstick is great color, hydration, and staying power, and these lipsticks definitely delivered. They’re glossy, apply like butter, and are a nice addition for this season.

My favorites from the collection are…Naturally Pretty* (a sheer pale pink), Ruby Slippers* (a sheer raspberry pink), IT Girl* (an opaque bright red), Brave* (a sheer cranberry red), and Daring* (a sheer brick brown).

IT Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipsticks (Review + Swatches) | A Girl, Obsessed

Have you tried out these lipsticks yet?


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