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The Quickest Way To Get Your Blog Seen

The Quickest Way To Get Your Blog Seen | A Girl, Obsessed

I think the most asked question bloggers have is “how do I get people to visit my blog?”. We may start our blogs for different reasons – as a hobby, a creative outlet, an extension of our small business, or to potentially become our full-time job – but at one point or another we’ve all wondered how to get our little corners of the internet seen and how to build up a readership.

Over the years (and with a couple different blogs), I’ve tried all sorts of “techniques” to get my blog seen. I’ve bought ads on popular blogs, spent countless hours networking and promoting via social media, researched articles about SEO and blogging, and taken oh-so-many notes…the list goes on and on. Through all of the trial and error, what I’ve found to work best at quickly (and organically) getting a blog out there is to, literally, get your blog out there.

Getting out in the blog community and interacting with other bloggers and blog readers is a surefire way for people to come back and visit yours. There are three key elements to doing this correctly to see the best results:

  • Leave Genuine Comments None of this “Cool!”, “Great Post!”, or “Come check out my blog!” nonsense. Actually take the time to read the person’s post, and leave them an encouraging, thoughtful comment that will add to the conversation.
  • Share A Non-Obtrusive Link To Your Blog At the end of your comment, leave a link to your blog. Simple as that. Don’t bog down the comments section with links to all of your social media and Bloglovin’ and your most recent post and your giveaway and….well, you get the point. Leaving more than one link can come across as spammy and will probably seem like you’ve only commented in order to drop links.
  • Comment Regularly And Often The more times people see your name pop up, the more likely they are to remember who you are and visit your blog, and they might even become regular readers. Now, I’m not saying to go leave 5 comments on every blog post you come across. The point is to just be more present in the community and make connections with other bloggers. This will help establish your name as a blogger and grow your traffic, plus you’ll also make some incredible new friends. Here’s what I like to do: pick out a blog on Bloglovin’ that looks interesting to me, comment on a post or two, and then check their “daily reads” and “sponsors” sections for more blogs to check out and leave comments on. If you allot an hour or so every couple days to just hop from blog to blog and leave comments, you’ll be amazed at how quickly people start to check out your blog as well.

When sticking to these guidelines, I’ve always noticed a big increase in traffic, readers, and comments (all blog-related things that I kind of geek out over, lol). If you’re a new blogger (or even a veteran looking to up your blog game), I definitely suggest spending some time this week sharing the comment love.

What’s worked best for you when it comes to getting your blog seen?


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