Meet The Advertisers #5

It’s Carson Elaine – A beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog written by Carson Elaine. She started her blog so that she could have an outlet for all of her creative thoughts and energy. She is a lover of beauty, fashion, design, DIY, cooking, and so much more. It’s Carson Elaine is a way for her to connect with other beauty, fashion, and life lovers out there. Her blog has blossomed into a self-empowering beauty and lifestyle blog, focused on self-love and building a happy, healthy life.
Post to check out: The Lip Product Battle
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Bean’s Beauty Blog – Written by Georgie, a cat-mad, tea-drinking, makeup fanatic, who loves travelling and organisation. She’s all about flawless skin, curled lashes and glossy lips. Spirited, full of beans, with a zest for life. A country girl at heart, often found in wellies with a spaniel or two in tow. She started her blog in late 2013 after her love for skincare and makeup grew. When she started her blog, she mainly wrote about beauty products. Bean’s Beauty Blog now has a mixture of product reviews and recommendations, hauls, some fashion, budget buys, general life and travel posts.
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I want to say a super huge thank you!!! to my sponsors – your support means so much to me. Everyone please take a few moments to check each of them out, and send them lots of love. If you’re interested in advertising your blog or brand on AGO, click here for information + pricing.

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