Fall Essie Favorites

one for summer and had so much fun that I decided to do it again for fall. This time of year is when I start switching out my bright shades for more neutral, moody options – plums, mauves, nudes, grays, and golds are my absolute favorites.

Essie’s Merino Cool ($8.50), a gorgeous cool-toned mulberry cream with slight grey undertones. This is my favorite for rainy autumn days, since the color matches so well with the gloomy Missouri skies.

Essie’s Sand Tropez ($8.50), my current favorite nude polish. I think it was originally part of one of their summer collections, but I really like it for fall. It’s a soft, sandy beige that looks effortlessly chic and makes for an gorgeous manicure with little effort.

Essie’s In The Lobby ($8.50), which is a new color from their Fall 2015 Collection. It’s described as an exotic cinnamon plum, and I can’t think of a better way to explain this color (plus, doesn’t that just sound positively autumn?). It’s dark, moody, and everything I want in a fall nail polish.

Essie’s Absolutely Shore ($8.50) so much – it’s a pale seafoam green, but it somehow just works for this season. If I’m wanting something lighter for my nails but don’t want to wear Sand Tropez, I always go with this shade.

Essie’s In Stitches ($8.50), a brown-toned rose pink. As you guys know, I absolutely love the color pink. This shade allows me to still wear my signature color without it being too bright or bold, so this gets an A+ in my book.

Essie’s Summit Of Style ($8.50), which is my go-to gold glitter polish for when I want a cute accent nail or a full on glittery manicure. This is the best glitter polish I’ve ever used – the flecks of gold are so chunky, so you really get an amazing look with it. Not only is this a great addition for autumn but it’s also a must for the holidays, so if you’ve been thinking about getting this, DO IT. #dontletyourdreamsbedreams

Fall Essie Favorites | A Girl, Obsessed

What are your favorite nail polish shades for fall?


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