Essie Starter Kit

her picks for the perfect Essie starter kit, and I thought that was such a cool post idea so I decided to borrow it. Following along the same themes as Kate (along with a few extras), here’s my ideal Essie starter kit.

Essie Starter Kit | A Girl, Obsessed

The Pastel Pick

When it comes to pastels, I like shades that are more wearable and less cotton candy-ish. I tried Lilacism earlier this year after seeing so many of my fave bloggers mention it, and it quickly became a favorite. Lilacism is a gorgeous muted lavender pastel that looks lovely on the nails for both everyday and during the spring – it’s what I usually go with when I want something simple for my nails but still would like a little bit of color.

The Bold Bottle

For bright, bold statement nails, I always reach for Clambake – it’s the perfect red-orange shade that adds a fun pop of color to your look. This is the shade that I wore almost weekly this past summer, and even though we’re officially in fall I’m still tempted to use it. If you’re looking for a classic bold shade (that will go amazingly well with stripes), I highly suggest picking this up. 

The Everyday Shade

My plain jane, everyday shade will always and forever be Sand Tropez (a fresh coat is on my nails as we speak). It’s a sandy beige with the slightest bit of a grey undertone, and it has this way of making your fingers look long and sleek. I’m absolutely in love with it. Sand Tropez is a shade that can be worn with any look and for any occasion, and always makes your mani look effortlessly chic and put together.

The Glitter Coat

How could I not choose Summit Of Style? It’s quite literally the best glitter polish I’ve ever used, and it is so versatile – I like using it to create an accent nail on each hand, for a full glitter mani, and to add some glitter to just the tips of my nails when I’m going for a more seasonal/holiday look.

The S/S Favorite

My top pick for a spring/summer shade would definitely be Mint Candy Apple. You just can’t go wrong with a beautiful mint shade for the nails, and this polish is that perfect mix between pastel blue and green. After all of the darker shades for fall and winter, I think this is a great choice to help bring some lighter color back to your nails for spring (plus, it goes so well with a tan in the summer months).

The F/W Favorite

For the fall/winter seasons, my go-to shade is In The Lobby. For the longest time, my favorite was Sole Mate, but Essie came out with In The Lobby for this year’s Fall Collection and it kind of took over. ITL has more of a red undertone to it that I’m really drawn to, whereas Sole Mate is a little more plum. This is my favorite “moody” shade and I’m completely in love with how it looks on my nails.

Which Essie polishes would be in your perfect starter kit?


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