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What Blog Success Looks Like To Me

What Blog Success Looks Like To Me | A Girl, Obsessed

Over the past year, my blog has really started to grow and this has caused me to think a bit about what success really means to me when it comes to this space. How do I define it? I think it’s important to decide for ourselves what it means to be successful bloggers, or we’re constantly going to be chasing after an ideal that we’ll never reach (or if we do reach “it”, we’ll never realize we have).

For me, blog success means so many things. It means supporting myself fully without needing to rely on another job. It means feeling challenged, fulfilled, and inspired by my work every day. It means having a positive impact on other people’s lives and building a community of like-minded creatives.

Turning my blog into my career full-time has been a goal of mine for the past few years. I dream of being my own boss, creating more and more content, writing books, collaborating with brands and other creatives, and growing my brand to be everything it can be. That’s why I work hard every day to get closer to achieving these ideas of success. Since I’ve defined them for myself, I’m able to set goals to work towards, as well as celebrate when I’ve reached a victory.

I really think, as bloggers who are paving the way of this creative medium, it’s important for each of us to define our own success. If we all were to follow what one person deemed successful, very few of us would ever feel like we were actually amounting to anything. Inspiring others is something I view as a success for my blog, but for someone else it might not be as important – instead, educating their readers might be their greatest idea of success.

By defining what success means to you as a blogger, you’ll be able to actually know what you’re working towards instead of just hustling blindly. By doing this, it will be easier for you to set actionable goals and make choices that will benefit your blog, as well as relieving some of the stress that might come from comparing and competing with other bloggers.

How do you define your personal blog success?


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