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Trying Tatcha Skincare

Trying Tatcha Skincare | A Girl, Obsessed

Tatcha’s skincare products are a little pricey, so I really appreciate that they offer Discovery Kits that allow you to try travel-size versions to see what items work best for you. Each kit is aimed to help a certain skin type, with a full routine to last you about 2 weeks. I got the Ritual Discovery Kit for Sensitive Skin* ($59) since my skin can be a bit dramatic, as well as the Luminous Dewy Skin Face Mist* ($48) to help with any dryness.

Luminous Dewy Skin Face Mist for the past couple days and it’s been such a nice treat for my skin. It’s a milky, hydrating mist that is formulated without paragons or sulfates, and it leaves your skin feeling supple and refreshed. It also smells exactly like flower petals, which gets an A+ in my book. The packaging is extremely high quality – a glass bottle with a spray pump and a lid that securely snaps on.

The first step in the Ritual Discovery Kit for Sensitive Skin is the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, which cleanses the skin and breaks down makeup at the same time. It’s an extremely gentle cleanser and leaves my face feeling so soft, but is strong enough to melt off all waterproof makeup. I even have contacts and it didn’t sting or mess with my eyes at all.

Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder – a gentle exfoliant that, when combined with a little water, turns into a foamy mask that helps scrub away any dead skin and dry patches. This is probably one of the most unique skincare products I’ve ever used. It’s literally an indigo-colored powder, and the way it transforms when in contact with water is really cool. There are no actual “beads” or abrasive materials in this, so I think it leans a little more on the chemical side of exfoliating (but it really is incredibly gentile). My face felt the tiniest bit dry after using this, but I think that’s because I had it on a little longer than I was supposed to (I had accidentally added too much water the first time so it wasn’t as foamy as it should have been). Since it’s a powder, it can be a bit messy when pouring it out of the container but as long as you’re careful it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum. Thank you Jesus for this product! As soon as I started applying it onto my face, I could feel it sink into my skin and give my face the moisture it was lacking. It only took two pumps of product from the bottle to completely cover my face and neck, so I think it’s going to last for awhile. I honestly felt like I was treating my skin to a day at the spa when applying this.

Trying Tatcha Skincare | A Girl, ObsessedIndigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream. First, can we just talk about the color of this face cream? It’s blue! How cool is that? 🙂 I’ve been dealing with some really aggressive eczema patches on my face for the past week or so, and couldn’t figure out how to get them to clear up. After a bit of gentle exfoliation and this cream, they’ve completely disappeared! This cream was specifically made for sensitive skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, and I’m so happy to report that it actually works. After using it, my cheeks no longer look red or feel warm, and all dry patches are gone. In fact, after running through this entire routine, my skin felt soothed and calm – no breakouts, no redness, and no dehydration.

Have you tried anything from Tatcha yet?


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