Skincare Brands I Want To Try

Although I have tried a few of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, I’ve never actually tried any of their skincare. I’ve heard Kate rave about what they have to offer, so I’m really looking forward to trying some of their items out (hopefully) in the near future.
Kiehl’s is a brand that I first heard about from Ingrid awhile back, and she had such great things to say about them that I’ve been wanting to try some of their products ever since. All of their skincare sounds super healthy too – full of nutrients and antioxidants!
I always see Jurlique pop up whenever I’m looking around Sephora online, and I’ve promised myself that one of these days I’ll give them a go. I mean, they have rose face mists for crying out loud! 😉
This is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for quite a long time because I constantly see it on most of the beauty blogs I read. Their products sound pretty incredible (and from what I’ve heard, they are), and their packaging is just so gorgeous!
I initially heard about Korres because of their lip butters, but having peaked through what they offer in skincare, I’m definitely interested in trying them out. I’ve sampled a primer they make and rather enjoyed it, so I’m thinking their skincare will be just as good.
Boscia is another brand that is on my wishlist mainly because I keep seeing it pop up on my favorite beauty blogs and youtube channels. I don’t know much about the brand overall, but they seem to have a lot of products that would be gentle enough for my dry, sensitive skin.
Have you tried any of these brands or products? Definitely let me know which ones you recommend!

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