Late Summer Nail Polish Favorites

my nail polish picks for the season. You guys seemed to really like that post, so today I thought I would share my end of summer Essie polish favorites. These are the colors I’ve been gravitating towards for these final weeks of sunshine and heat.

Absolutely Shore ($8.50) is a gorgeous seafoam green cream that’s almost a minty shade. It’s super light, so it’s one of those colors that works well for spring through fall. Mint Candy Apple is usually the bright mint polish I like to use during spring and summer, so this is the perfect shade to transition to right before autumn.

Bikini So Teeny ($8.50) earlier this summer after seeing Kate and Kristy (and practically everybody) mention it. I don’t have very many blues in my collection, so I thought this would be a good introductory shade since it’s more of a cornflower hue than a true blue. This polish is a cream with just a hint of shimmer, and it looks absolutely lovely on both short and long nails.

Chastity ($8.50) is a great option. This is one of those polishes that looks amazing with a tan. I like wearing different shades of pink through the year, and this is always my end of summer pink – it reminds me of a sunset, that last little bit of summer that we’re always wanting to hold on to.

Clambake ($8.50). This polish has been my favorite this summer, and I just can’t let it go yet. It’s an orange-red cream, and I find it extremely easy to apply (not gloopy or thick at all). I love how this looks with just about any outfit, especially stripes and a matching lip. #swoon

Late Summer Nail Polish Favorites | A Girl, Obsessed

What polishes are you currently reaching for?


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