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How To Improve Your Blog In 30 Days

About Me page (or create one if you don’t already have one)

  • Day 2: Organize your tags/categories by getting rid of any unnecessary ones and properly tagging all of your posts
  • Day 3: Declutter your sidebar(s) and footer – remember, only keep what is relevant and necessary to your blog
  • Day 4: Update old posts with fresh photos that better embody your brand
  • Day 5: Update old posts with new titles that are more SEO-friendly (as well as eye-catching)
  • Day 6: Check your posts for any broken links and fix them (depending on how many blog posts you have published, this may take longer than a day)
  • Day 7: Purchase your own unique URL (if you haven’t already), and update all of your social media with the new link
  • Day 8: Fill in the “Meta Description” section of your Blogger account (Dashboard –> Settings –> Search Preferences –> Meta Description) with a short, relevant description of what your blog is about – this helps with your SEO
  • Day 9: Update your blog design with some fresh graphics or a whole new look if it’s feeling stale or boring
  • Day 10: Go back through your posts and get rid of anything that holds no value to your or your readers – this is a great time to get rid of any “fluff” posts
  • Day 11: Create/Update any pages you might feel important to have on your blog – Daily Reads, Contact, Disclosure, etc
  • Day 12: Upload a new profile pic – make sure it’s something fun and genuine, so you’re readers have a better chance of connecting with you
  • Day 13: Plan out your blog content for the next few weeks or a month so you’re always on top of what to post next
  • Day 14:Claim your blog on Bloglovin’ so you can have complete control of it on their site, as well as some cool features (like having your posts automatically share on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Day 15: Start pinning images from your posts to Pinterest to help increase traffic to your blog (and get your name out there!)
  • Day 16:Set up Google Analytics so you can accurately see where your traffic is coming from and how they got there
  • Day 17: Try editing your blog photos a bunch of different ways until you find a style that suits your blog + brand
  • Day 18:Upload a cute favicon to help further brand your blog
  • Day 19: Spend the day (or however much time you have) leaving relevant comments on other blogs in your niche, with a small link back to your blog
  • Day 20: If you’ve yet to decide on a solid topic that your blog is about (Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Decor, etc), chose one today and let it be the main focus of what you write about
  • Day 21: Add a tagline to your header to let visitors and potential readers know exactly what to expect on your blog
  • Day 22: Take a few hours to have a serious brainstorm session about new blog post ideas, and really think about what posts could benefit your readers the most
  • Day 23: Write some good backup blog posts for the next time you deal with blogging burnout
  • Day 24: Read back through your posts and fix any spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Day 25: Decide on a posting schedule, whether it’s once a day or a couple times a week, and stick to it
  • Day 26: Get on social media and connect with some fellow bloggers and readers today
  • Day 27: Research some articles on things like blog tips, photography, SEO, etc to help you improve your skills
  • Day 28: Create some goals you would like to accomplish with your blog and then decide on what steps need to be taken in order to achieve those goals
  • Day 29: Go back through old posts and make sure your photos are all the same width, as well as being the same width as the text in your posts so that everything looks more streamlined
  • Day 30: You did it! Today, come up with a list of ways you can further improve your blog for another 30 days (keep on doing this and you’ll have no problem achieving any blog goal you set!)
  • Do you feel up to this 30 day challenge?


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