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Denim Truth or Dare

This post is sponsored by Target

Target to share my Denim Truth or Dare – one outfit that shows my true style and another that dares me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I’ll be using jeans from the new Target Denim collection (click here to read more about the new denim and find out how you can get $10 off your jeans).

For my Denim Dare, I decided to be a bit creative and go with a theme. If I’m going to push myself out of my fashion comfort zone, then I want to have fun with it. 🙂 I chose to go with a 70s/bohemian look, and knew that the Ava & Viv Bootcut Denim Jeans* would be perfect not only for that style but to also make me try a completely different style than I’m used to.

Being a shorter gal, long bootcut jeans are definitely not my first choice for denim. It’s a style that I don’t quite feel confident wearing, and never really know how to style. So, I figured that they would be perfect for a “denim dare”, and decided that I was totally going to rock them and figure out a way to make them work for my body. I paired the jeans with a babydoll top from my closet and a fringe purse* and wedge heels* from Target. And go figure – what was once a pair of jeans I thought I could never wear is now an outfit that I’m absolutely in love with! Finding the right shoes for these jeans was all I needed. These jeans now make me feel tall, leaner, and effortlessly put together.

Now that I’ve shared my Denim Truth or Dare, I challenge all of you to do one of your own! For the  first 2 weeks of August, you’ll get free shipping & free returns when you shop Target online. Pick out some denim pieces that are completely your style as well as some that are totally opposite of what you usually wear, then document your challenge via your blog or social media using the hashtag #TargetStyle. Also, don’t forget to send me your links so I can see how you styled everything!

Find your style @TargetStyle

What do you think of these two style? Would either of them be a truth or a dare for you?


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