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Beauty + Fashion Mistakes I Made In High School

Beauty + Fashion Mistakes I Made In High School | A Girl, Obsessed

Beauty + Fashion Mistakes I Made In High School

  • Never washing my makeup off at night
  • Wearing jeans that were way too long for me (which always resulted in me wearing holes into the bottoms of my jeans from constantly walking on them)
  • Sporting big messy hair and “emo” bangs like my life depended on it
  • Layering shirts that really didn’t go together (A+ for effort though, haha)
  • Wearing a bra that did nothing flattering for my chest
  • Chipped nail polish all. the. time.
  • Thinking that lining my eyes with ungodly amounts of black eyeliner looked “cool”
  • Buying into society telling me that because I was a teenager I automatically had “bad skin”
  • Glooping on so much hair gel to curl my hair (but then straightening just my bangs…I don’t know)
  • Never wearing shorts or capris because I thought my legs were too fat
  • Wearing the same crimson red eyeshadow for probably 2 years straight (literally every day)
  • Using white-out to do french manicures in class
  • Wearing flip flops all day every day (only exception was if there was snow on the ground…and even then…)

What style mistakes did you make in high school?


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