The Little Things #7

The Little Things #7 | A Girl, ObsessedHilary’s Instagram With Intention class and have been learning so much from it! I’ve already started gaining more and more followers, and have learned some invaluable branding tips (side note: I know the term “followers” can sound a bit snobby and I’m not a  big fan of that word either, but it’s honestly a part of growing your brand). If you get a chance to sign up for her next class, I highly suggest it!
For the past couple days, I had been sick with some sort of weird stomach bug, so I’ve been trying to just lay low and let that run it’s course. I will say that ice water with fresh lemon slices can work wonders at cleaning out your system and getting out any junk. Also, it just tastes so incredibly refreshing.
I’ve been listening to The Birthday Massacre’s latest album, Superstition, on repeat for the past week or two. It’s SO GOOD. “Divide”, “Superstition”, and “Oceania” are my favorites, but the whole album is perfection.
Speaking of music, Apple Music is the greatest thing to have ever happened. Ever. #sohappy
I’m currently halfway through Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black, and I’m obsessed. This show is amazing!!! I won’t share any spoilers in case there are others like my former self who haven’t seen it yet, but ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.
I’ve developed a massive slight obsession with MAC products. There may or may not be a haul in the near future.
I mentioned in my last post that I’ve quit Twitter and Facebook, and I just wanted to touch base a little more on that. I’ve left the accounts open in case I ever decide to start using them again, but I’m having so much more fun on Instagram. I feel like I can really connect with you guys over there – not only am I able to share more in-depth snippets that 140 characters would allow, but I’m also able to see what y’all are up to and I feel like that creates a much more genuine relationship than just passing status updates back and forth. So, I invite you to come hang out with me on Instagram if you’re not already. It’s a great way for you to have access to more “behind the scenes”-type stuff, as well as any fun updates I have to share. 🙂

What has been going on in your life lately?

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