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My Before Bed Routine

Bioderma Micellar Water ($20 on Amazon) and then moisturize with the Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream ($16.99).

After that I head into my room to prepare for bed. The first thing I like to do is take off the bra (woohoo!) and put on some comfy pajamas. I wish I was one of those girls that always wore super cute pjs to bed, but I’m the type that rocks a pair of pajama shorts and a baggy t-shirt. When it comes to sleep, I say comfort over beauty – which is also why I’m totally okay with throwing all of my hair up in a hot mess of a bun on top of my head so I don’t get strangled by it in my sleep. 😉

I try to calm my brain a bit before bed so I’m not lying awake at 3AM thinking about content ideas (although sometimes that just can’t be helped). Some nights I’ll curl up in bed and read a few chapters of a book – here’s what I’m currently reading – and other nights I’ll just mess around on Tumblr for a little bit. I do this until I start to get drowsy, and then I’ll turn my fan on high (am I the only one that has to have a fan on in order to sleep?) and complete the last few steps of my routine. I apply a quick layer of the Rosebud Salve ($6) on my lips to keep them from getting dry over night, brush Essie’s Apricot Oil ($8.50) onto my cuticles, and apply some of the Le Couvent des Minims Soothing Night Hand Cream ($8) to keep my hands soft. Then it’s lights out and time for sleep!

Do you stick to a bedtime routine?


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