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July 2015 Beauty Favorites

Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-‘glow’-sion Moisture Cream* ($64), which I’ve been using as my nighttime moisturizer. This cream is extremely moisturizing, and when applied in a thick layer, it actually works quite well as an overnight hydrating mask. There’s nothing nicer than waking up to supple, refresh skin. The second product is the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist* ($15). This facial spray has single-handedly kept my makeup in place on the hottest of days, and it’s such a refreshing treat for the skin. I love using it to mist my face for a bit of a pick-me-up and to freshen up my makeup.

When the weather is hot, I really don’t like to apply layers of lipstick and gloss. It just feels way too heavy to me. Instead, I like to use tinted lip balms, and the one I’ve been using religiously this month has been the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose ($22.50). I’ve raved about this lip balm quite a bit in the past, so I’m sure you guys already know how much I love it. In fact, I ended up taking all lip products out of my makeup bag this month and just relied on this.

I picked up two of the MAC Eyeshadows in Shroom and Naked Lunch ($10 each) after seeing Rebecca mention them in several posts, and they quickly became favorites. Naked Lunch is absolutely beautiful all over the lid, offering a bit of color along with brightening the eye, and Shroom is the perfect inner eye highlight. I used to spend quite a long while on each eye, trying to perfect the shading and definition, but lately I’m becoming more of a one-wash kind of girl. Not only is it much easier, but I prefer how simple and classic it looks.

My final beauty favorite for July is the Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Ivory ($7.99). Most days I’ve just been wearing this with a little bit of powder as my summer base (you can read more about that here), and it has just done such a great job of covering up any imperfections as well as brightening and making my skin tone look more even.

What were your must have products for July?


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