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How To Bounce Back After Blog Burnout

How To Bounce Back After Burnout | A Girl, Obsessed

Blogging burnout is inevitable. In my 4+ years of authoring different blogs, I’ve yet to discover a way to avoid it completely. With that in mind, there are ways that you can keep it from crippling your blog’s progress for more than a week or two.

When I’m struck with a case of blogging burnout, there are a few things I like to do to help me kick the blahs and get back to work:

  • Unplug for a few hours, or if possible, a whole day
  • Find a new source of inspiration
  • Create something new, either for yourself or for your blog
  • Get a pep talk from a close friend (it helps if that friend is also a blogger, that way they have a better idea of what you’re going through and can give you good advice)
  • Take an hour to gather ideas and plan out future posts (this is a big one for me, and usually gets me super excited to start creating content again)
  • Organize something that you use for your blog, like folders on your computer, blog photos, your inbox, social media, your editorial calendar, etc.
  • Do something nice for a fellow blogger – send them a sweet email or compliment them on their blog
  • Reassess the focus of your blog and if it still inspires + challenges you – if not, maybe it’s time for a change of topic or voice
  • Try re-arranging your layout a bit (or go all in and create an entirely new design)

How do you deal with blogging burnout?

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