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5 Quick SEO Tips For Bloggers

5 Quick SEO Tips For Bloggers | A Girl, Obsessed

When it comes to SEO, I usually feel really overwhelmed. It’s a topic that I’m still learning about, and while I don’t know every SEO trick in the book, I do have a few tips that I think are super important to implement in any type of blog.


  1. Alt Text – Once you’ve uploaded your photos into a post in Blogger, click on each one and select “Properties”. In the Alt Text section, fill out a small description of the photo and/or post – not only will this help your photos show up better in Google searches, but whatever you write in the Alt Text section is what will automatically fill in when someone pins your image.
  2. Search Description – When writing your blog post, there is a section in the right sidebar titled “Search Description”. Click on this and fill in a 1-2 sentence short yet detailed summary of what your post is about. This is what will show up underneath your post title in Google search results, so you’ll be able to write a more efficient summary than what Google might choose to show.
  3. Post Title – Be extremely mindful of what you name your posts. You want to choose titles that sound interesting but will also show up well in search engines. When crafting your title, try to think about what people will be searching for in order for your post to pop up in their search results. For example, I made sure to include the words “SEO”, “Tips”, and “Bloggers” in my title because they are all highly searched terms.
  4. Photo Name – When saving your images, make sure to give them an actual name. What you save your photo as goes into consideration when someone does a Google image search, so something like “photo-edit0738” isn’t going to show up if someone’s doing a search for “cute makeup storage ideas”.
  5. Keywords – For the first few sentences of your post, try to use one or two of the keywords from your title a few times. As you’ll notice with this post, I used SEO in my title and twice in my opening paragraph. This helps increase your post’s SEO, and I’ve noticed that every time I do this, the post gets more views and traffic.

Do you have any SEO tips that have worked for you?


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