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Thoughts About Blog Haters

Haters. Those lovely individuals that use their time and energy to nitpick how others use theirs. If you’ve been blogging for awhile and have gained a bit of attention, you’ve probably got your own little group of haters. I know I’ve got mine. But guess what? Getting harassed by internet trolls and receiving negative comments isn’t as bad as we let it be. Here are some things to keep in mind…

Thoughts About Blog Haters

  • Haters can be a great source of constructive criticism, as long as we learn to separate the hate from the helpful
  • They can also be a great source of blog traffic 😉
  • Their words are usually bred out of jealousy and don’t need to be taken to heart
  • Having haters means we’ve become successful enough to be noticed by others
  • Dealing with negativity gives us a chance to stand up for what we believe in and fight for ourselves
  • Most of our haters just want to be our friends (trust me, I’ve recently befriended a few of mine who apologized for their past actions)
  • Their harsh criticisms are just their own insecurities being projected onto us
  • Everyone makes mistakes and bad choices, and it’s important to show compassion to those lashing out at us – they’re obviously going through a difficult time in their lives
  • Receiving some critical feedback every now and then is actually a great way to stay humble and not get too full of ourselves
  • Not everyone is going to like us, and it’s okay if we’re not somebody’s cup of tea
  • We don’t need to worry about what other people think of us because it’s really none of our business
  • Happy people don’t tear others down, they build each other up
  • Just because someone’s throwing out offense doesn’t mean we have to take it – you wouldn’t take a poisonous snake from them, would you?
  • Haters don’t have it together anymore than we do
  • Just because someone doesn’t agree with the way we’re living our lives does not mean that we’re doing anything wrong
  • It’s important to not be afraid to be who we are just because someone else might have something nasty to say about it
  • Hiding behind a computer allows people to behave terribly towards others – never, ever let someone bully you or make you feel bad about they way you look, talk, sound, dress, think, live, etc.

I’d love to know your thoughts on haters and internet trolls..

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