Summer Scents

displayed on a gold picture frame that I use as a tray, and every few months I’ll pull a few scents to the front that I’ll be using for the season.

For this summer, there are three perfumes that I’ll be grabbing most often. The first is Juicy Couture’s Couture La La ($92 for the 3.4oz bottle), a gift from my dad that I have dubbed my “summer scent”. This fragrance is super girly – one of those fruity-floral scents that just screams summer. I really like Juicy Couture’s perfumes because the scents are never overpowering and they usually linger on the skin for the whole day. Also, how adorable is that bottle? They always design the cutest packing.

Next on the list is Daisy by Marc Jacobs ($94), an old favorite that is always a must for spring and summer. This scent is simply effortless. It’s a light floral that’s totally wearable for every day, yet sophisticated enough to be worn for special occasions too. This is the first (and currently only) Marc Jacobs perfume that I own, and I’m so in love with it. Again, another fragrance with a super cute bottle – look at those little daisies on the lid! I really want to try another Marc Jacobs perfume in the future, either Daisy Dream or Oh, Lola.
The last scent I’ll be wearing this summer is Oceane by Outremer ($20). This is one of my favorite perfumes because it is so unique – it literally smells like a sunny day at the beach. When I was little, we would spend every summer in Houston, TX and would often spend weekends in Galveston just having fun at the beach. Sunny days on the sand, shopping on the piers, sunset walks near the water – this perfume makes all of those memories come back.

Which fragrances are you reaching for this summer?

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