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Quality vs. Fluff


I’ve been doing a little experiment with my blog for the past couple weeks. As I was planning out my content, I eliminated any topics I considered “fluff”. I’d usually try to balance out my high quality content with some fluffier, lighter posts because I was always afraid I’d run out of the really good stuff. This time, I decided to scrap that mindset and only create content that was high in quality and that my readers would be 100% interested in. What I’ve found, dear readers, could quite possibly be the key to blog success.

I don’t know why, but for the longest time I thought that if I posted too many high quality posts back to back to back, my readers would get bored and views would drop. (Stupid, right? But stay with me.) I also thought that if I used up all of my good ideas in a week or two, none would be left and I would have an extremely hard time coming up with new ideas.

I can tell you right now that both of those are false.

Since switching my content to 90% quality/10% fluff, my daily views have practically doubled. AGO used to receive 1,600-1,800 views a day on average, and now it’s getting anywhere from 3,000 to 3,300 (with a recent high day of 3,997!!).

Not only are views up, but my readership count has skyrocketed. Remember how I started the year with 4,000 subscribers on Bloglovin’? AGO is currently sitting at just below 7,000 – that’s nearly 3,000 new readers in a little over 5 months. That’s the kind of growth I could have only dreamed of!

And the best part? The ideas are still flowing strong. That’s not to say that I won’t get the sporadic case of “blogger’s block”, but my brain hasn’t become a dried up shell of it’s former glory, like I thought it would. 😉 I still write down a nice little list of content ideas almost daily, and I’ve become better at weeding out the truly great posts from the “meh, this would be better for Instagram” type of content.

So, why am I sharing all of this? It’s not to brag about number, stats, or traffic. I want to show a bit of proof that the old saying is incredibly true – “quality is king”. Take a look at every successful, high-ranking blog out there. What kind of content are they regularly posting? It’s the best of their best (or they wouldn’t be where they are today). When you create high quality content, it naturally attracts people and they’ll keep coming back to benefit from what you have to share. Fluff may be easier to write, but it’s not going to establish you as a blog worth checking back on.


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