Meet The Advertisers #4

It’s that time of the month again to introduce my lovely advertisers! I have a whole new group of blogs and shops to share with you today, let’s see if you find a new favorite! 🙂

Trufora – Informed and uncompromised – beautiful skin the right way. A targeted synergistic system that will treat, prevent, protect and perfect your skin with science-based products that deliver visible results without irritating the skin. This is a new-to-me brand, and I am really intrigued by their products. Everything they make is cruelty free, vegan certified, and free of sulfates and parabens. The two products that really caught my eye are the Perfecting Eye Treatment and the Intensive Night Treatment. Find Trufora over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Laze Sundaze – A beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog written by Preet Aujla. LS is full of fun, informative posts that cover everything from makeup and blogging tips to travel and inspiration. I really enjoyed Preet’s article on how she speeds up her blogging process. I always love getting to see how other bloggers work, and she shared some great tips. Find Preet over on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Beauty Collective – A beauty and fashion blog written by Hilary, a beauty and makeup enthusiast living and blogging in Toronto, Canada with a penchant for makeup, fashion, cute stationary, and Starbucks. Hilary’s blog is really cute and I feel like we have a lot of the same tastes in style and makeup. She recently shared a super helpful post on buying your own domain name, and I think it’s a must read for new bloggers. Find Hilary over on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I want to say a super huge thank you!!! to my sponsors – your support means so much to me. Everyone please take a few moments to check each of them out, and send them lots of love. If you’re interested in advertising your blog or brand on AGO, click here for information + pricing.

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