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June 2015 Beauty Favorites

June 2015 Beauty Favorites | A Girl, Obsessed

Another month, another roundup of beauty favorites. Can you believe June is nearly over? This month went by so quickly. It was a fairly casual month for me, beauty-wise, and it seems most of my favorites for the month are actually more skincare than anything else. In fact, I think I only have one makeup product in this roundup – definitely a first for me!

Ponds Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($5.79) – These are my holy grail cleansing wipes. I usually use them to take my makeup off at night before going through my skincare routine, but some nights I can be a bit lazy and just use these before crawling into bed. These wipes leave my skin so refreshed and clean, and they’re textured so they gently exfoliate as well. Also, they smell amazing.

  • Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream (I’m currently finishing up a deluxe sample, but the full size is $34) – I’m usually a little wary of makeup brands that create skincare products on the side, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Benefit. They have a small skincare collection and their eye cream is one of my all time favorites. The skin around my eyes has been dry off and on all month, and this cream has worked wonders at rejuvenating the skin and brightening the areas where my dark circles are strongest.
  • Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil ($8.50) – After doing some research for a good cuticle oil, I stumbled across this little gem. Since I’ve been painting my nails more frequently, my cuticles had become a little more dry and tattered. I keep this oil on my bedside table and put some on every night before bed, and I have noticed a vast improvement in the quality of my cuticles. Not only do they look healthier, but I’m not longer getting those little wispy bits of peeling skin that feel like tiny paper cuts (ouch!).
  • MAC Lipstick in Sunny Seoul ($16) – I’ve already written a whole post about this lipstick, but I had to share it again because it’s just that good. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact color of this lipstick – sometimes it leans a little more coral, other times it’s more pink – but to me, it’s the prettiest shade ever for summer. 
  • Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist* ($15) – I’ve been testing this product out for the past couple weeks and it’s been amazing! I like to spray this on my face before applying makeup to help kind of “prime” my skin, and then I spray a little on afterwards to really set everything. This mist has worked amazingly well at keeping my makeup from melting off in the heat. I’ve even been spraying it on my face sometimes when I’m not using makeup because it just feels so nice on my skin.
  • Nivea Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter ($2.99) – Summertime is for raspberry and rose kisses! ^_^ I’m always in need of a good lip balm, and I really like how light yet nourishing the Nivea lip butters are. This one smells like candy too, so it’s a great balm for summer.

I’d love to know what your favorite products from the month are!


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