5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice

5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, Obsessed
I love sharing what blog tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, but you want to know something I love a little bit more? Reading blog tips and tricks. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to this kind of stuff – I obsess over researching new, better ways to do things and improving my skills. There are 5 blogs I’ve found that give some of the best advice ever, and today I thought I’d share them for anyone looking for some killer blogs to read. 🙂

5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, ObsessedFemtrepreneur. I recently came across Mariah’s blog and literally spent hours reading through her amazing posts. She shares so much knowledge on everything blog and business-related, and her attitude is super motivating. She’s like that fiery best friend that can talk you into some of your best adventures.
5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, ObsessedHer blog is full of incredible content, and she has this kind, sweet way of encouraging you to try different things with your brand. I always feel so motivated after reading one of her posts – she’s a gem and if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you’re missing out. Her blog is a breath of fresh air that will get you thinking completely differently about the space you create.
5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, ObsessedElle & Co, really showcases how talented and smart she is. This girl knows her stuff! She’s currently sharing her journey to 100K unique blog visitors (within a month), and I love how open and honest she is about the whole process. Lauren is really helping tear down the crazy idea that successful bloggers just woke up one morning with high-traffic, insanely popular blogs – she shows just how hard you have to work to get there, and she share’s what she’s learned along the way.
5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, ObsessedThe Nectar Collective, written by badass blog babe Melyssa. This girl is crazy passionate about turning blogs into businesses and creating that dream job you’ve always wanted. Every time I read one of her posts, I always come away a little bit smarter and a lot more motivated to kick some butt.
5 Blog Babes That Share Amazing Advice | A Girl, Obsessedby Regina, but boy am I glad I did. She’s such a sassy, savvy, street-smart blogger, throwing out brilliant blog advice and cheeky puns with ease. Regina’s incredibly gifted at motivating and helping others succeed – I usually read her posts and then come away like “oh duh, why didn’t I think of that?” She makes me excited to hustle. 🙂

Who’s your favorite blogger(s) for blog + business advice?

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