The Little Things #6

The Little Things #6 | A Girl, ObsessedLight by Coco and The Minimalist Sparrow, if you’d like to check them out.) I’m going through all of my clothing and accessories, getting rid of anything that I haven’t worn in months, and creating a capsule wardrobe for this summer. It’s extremely freeing to not have so much excess, and I’m really enjoying this process of embracing more minimalism.
A few days ago, AGO reached a big milestone – 6K subscribers on Bloglovin’! I’m still in shock because that is so many people. It just motivates me even more to work hard and create content that you guys will love to read. 🙂
My sister’s 17th birthday was earlier this month, and for breakfast we picked up a box of sugared cakey goodness donuts from Hurts Donut to celebrate. I had a sprinkle donut to rival all sprinkle donuts, and it was totally worth every calorie. If you live in or near Springfield and have a love for donuts, you need to get to Hurts Donut asap. It’s so good.
A few weeks ago, I created a “shop my closet” account on Instagram to sell some of the clothing and accessories I no longer use. I’ve set a rule for myself where I’m not allowed to purchase anything new until I get rid of something I have that I’m not using. So, this account will probably be updated every season (at least until I whittle my wardrobe down to just the necessities). I’m also having a beauty sale right now and just listed a bunch of makeup products that I’m no longer using (either because I’ve found a better product or because the color no longer works for me). You can follow along at @theAGOcloset if you’re interested in seeing what’s up for grabs.
The new Ban.do agendas have been released and I’m so thrilled that they have a bigger size option with spiral binding. I got mine in the mail yesterday and it’s so gorgeous – how can a notebook be this pretty??! I shared pictures of my planner last year and you all seemed really interested in it, so would you like to see pictures and/or a review of this one? Let me know!
And now, for my biggest update…..starting tomorrow, I’m officially switching to a part-time position so I can start working more on my blog! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but the opportunity wasn’t really there until now (gotta be able to pay them bills, y’all). This is such an exciting (and terrifying) new chapter in my blogging career. Money will be tighter while I build up potential income streams, but I now have more time to focus on creating content, networking, and working on special projects. Becoming a content creator full-time is my ultimate career goal, and this is such a big step in making that dream a reality. I’m over the moon right now.

What’s been going on with you guys lately?


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