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The Giant List of Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made

Blogging Mistakes I've Made | A Girl, Obsessed

As most of you know, I’ve been a blogger for a long time. Over the years, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. In an attempt to help others be successful without having to make the same mistakes I did, I thought I’d share all of the embarrassing things I’ve done in the past that probably weren’t the greatest idea.

Blogging Mistakes I’ve Made (aka “What Not To Do”)

  • Leaving short, meaningless comments on other blogs for the sole purpose of getting others to visit my blog
  • Not taking the time to respond to the comments on my own blog
  • Trying to collab or swap ads with other bloggers that I’ve never even spoken to, let alone taken the time to build a connection with
  • Writing blog posts/series only because I thought they’d be popular
  • Rushing through decisions regarding my blog instead of taking the time to make smart, thought out plans
  • Not taking myself seriously (and at other times, taking myself too seriously)
  • Letting what others are doing highly influence my own things
  • Blatantly copying a certain blogger (not with the intent to copy, but because I allowed myself to get a little too inspired – either way, it’s wrong)
  • Feeling pressured into writing about certain topics or that I must write a new post every day
  • Thinking that nobody reads blogs on Saturdays or Sundays (not really sure why I thought this, lol)
  • Writing about a topic only because it was easy
  • Writing about a topic only because I thought it would get a lot of comments
  • Sharing other people’s work without giving proper credit
  • Engaging with haters (not to be confused with engaging with those that offer constructive criticism – that is actually a good thing)
  • Being afraid to share certain things about myself because I didn’t want to drive people away
  • Sharing too much online
  • Feeling the need to change myself to try and fit in with a certain blogging ideal
  • Letting others define what my blog means to me
  • Taking every piece of advice I read to heart
  • Thinking that one person’s success means less or no success for me
  • Focusing on quantity instead of quality
  • Not being intentional with my brand and what I stand for

Do you feel brave enough to share any of your blogging mistakes? (No pressure, only share if you want to.)

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