My favorite channels on Youtube

My favorite channels on Youtube | A Girl, ObsessedBubzvlogz – Lindy and Tim have the sweetest little family, and I love getting to see what they’re up to every day. I appreciate how “real” they are in their vlogs; nothing ever feels staged or forced. Plus, Lindy is so incredibly positive and inspiring, Tim is hilarious, and their chubby little baby, Isaac, is oh so adorable!

ghostparties – I absolutely adore Kate! Her tastes and sense of style are very similar to my own, and I like that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She’s very relatable, like a friend you’ve known for ages, and I really enjoy watching her vlogs as she’s quite the jet-setter.

Becca Rose – Becca is like a real-life Jess Day. She’s bubbly, down-to-earth, and just a little bit goofy. I really enjoy her beauty videos because she always recommends the best products (we have a lot of makeup favorites in common). Also, her little pug, Rupert, is just the cutest ever.

GassyMexican – Max is hands down my favorite gamer of all time. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, he can always make me laugh. I like how he isn’t making videos just to become popular or make money – you can tell he 100% loves playing video games and interacting with his fans. If you’re a fan of video games you’ll love Max’s channel (also check out his Twitch page for livestreams and longer play throughs).

LightbyCoco – This is a newer channel to my lineup, but instantly became a favorite after just a few videos. Coco is such a sweetheart, and she shares great tips on living a simpler life with only the things you truly need. Her videos are always so motivating and I’ve been watching her channel a lot lately for ideas on how to simplify my own life.

HelloOctoberxo – And last but certainly not least, Suzie’s channel! I adore this girl so much. Her vlogs are a blast to watch and they make me miss the UK so badly. I also love her beauty videos and can always trust her recommendations for new products. She’s so honest in her reviews, something that I really appreciate.

And that’s it, loves! Who do you enjoy watching on Youtube?

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