Why Blogging Is My Passion

Why Blogging Is My Passion | A Girl, Obsessed
I’ve been writing some form of a blog since I was 15, starting way back in the days of Xanga, haha. Blogging has become such a familiar part of my life – it’s my thing, it’s what I do – and over the years has become my greatest passion. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (taking a break from blogging for 6 months definitely helped me realize that).

Since I’ve never really spoken about this before, today I want to share all of the reasons why blogging is so important to me…

  • Blogging is my favorite creative outlet
  • I get to meet so many amazing people from all over the world
  • I’m able to freely express myself and share my interests
  • The community is a beautiful, positive place full of inspiration and creativity
  • We get to build the rules as we go because this is such a young industry
  • The ability to create real and lasting friendships
  • It’s one of the few industries (that I know of) that is mainly lead by smart, talented women, and that promotes the empowerment of women
  • Bloggers are beginning to have a voice that is recognized by society – we’re changing social norms and what has been deemed “acceptable”, and paving the way for new possibilities
  • Blogging allows me to improve my writing/journalism skills
  • It’s a job that is completely fun for me every single day, so it never feels like work
  • I’m able to look back over the years and see how I’ve grown and changed (and cringe over all of my less than stellar decisions, haha)
  • This space is where I can share everything I’m super passionate about – beauty, photography, style, design, etc
  • Since we’re creating the rules as we go along, we’re able to build and mold this industry into anything we want
  • Blogging can lead to some amazing opportunities
  • I’m able to help and encourage others by sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned
  • It has the potential to become an extremely fulfilling career
  • I’m challenged daily to continue to learn and perfect my skills
  • My blog is something I put so much work and effort into, and I get the joy of seeing it grow every day
  • It’s just so much fun – I love sharing what I’m passionate about with you guys, hopefully helping and inspiring along the way 🙂
Is blogging your passion, or more of a hobby?


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